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See the FAQs (below)...and If That Doesn't Answer Your Question, Contact Us at the Bottom. Thank you

Ordering and Delivery Questions

Yes. With every double tower order, you get FREE Continental U.S.A. Shipping.

We also ship to Canada for a small amount.

When the box arrives to your home, simply unpack the lumber, growboxes, nuts, bolts, and screws. The assembly instruction videos are readily available as well.

Yes, of course. And it is the BEST type of guarantee too. See this page for the guarantee (click here)

Garden Tower Questions

Our goal is to go at least 1 week (7 days) between waterings.

However, this depends upon:

  1. the size of your plants (big plants drink more water than small plants)
  2. the sun hitting the plants (vs shade)
  3. the location you live in (you may live in dry Arizona or New Mexico, ya know?)
  4. and finally the season (Spring and Fall don't need as much water as the hot Summer does)

So, the goal is to get 7 days between waterings. To do this most effectively, we recommend that you setup a watering schedule of twice a week. At opposite sides of the week.

(Like Monday) One day for the main watering and nutrients in every growbox. (fill 'em up)

(Like Thursday) And a second day for checking the water levels, just to make sure the roots are touching the water. Sometimes a little water is needed IF it won't make it to the next main watering day. (under the harsher conditions described above.)

By calculation, the WeedFreeGarden uses 93.5% less water than a traditional dirt garden. How is this done? The water is always touching the plant roots. And not too much water evaporates the growboxes. Thus, nearly all the water goes to the plants. 

The plants themselves uptake the water and evaporate it through their leaves. 

Tip: Use more shade - Our tests show that more shade is better in the hot Summer. Less in the Spring and Fall. This will also keep the water lasting longer in the growboxes.

No, not a watt. There are no plugs, no pumps, no lights needed. This garden makes for the perfect survival garden, because there is nothing needed but nature.

Leveling the WeedFreeGarden is easy. We recommend placing the garden on a level surface to begin.

Simply set your WeedFreeGarden where you want to put it. The ground should be level where you decide to put it. However, if it is not, then just use shims under the feet to make it level.

You can use a level if you like, but it is much better to use your hose and put water into the growbox and look at the levelness of the water. The goal is to have the water touch the roots of all the plants in the growbox.

If the base is level and the individual arms are not level, then simply adjust them by loosening the arm screws and adjusting as needed and tighting the screws again. Easy.

The WeedFreeGarden is fully adjustable to your needs. In fact, our test garden is on a hill. It needed some shims and leveling. Also, because the WeedFreeGarden is made from non-degrading wood, we drove rebar through the feet to mount the gardens to the hill. These gardens are very secure in the wind, even on a hill. It can be done, even in extreme placement.

The WeedFreeGarden is made of non-degradable outdoor wood and sun-resistant plastic. Plus, the screws, nuts, and bolts are all outdoor non rustable. There are no moving parts. Nothing to plug-in like a pump. 

Plus, the tower portion itself can be repaired if broken with readily available parts from the hardware store. This means that after 5-10 years of continual use, if a part breaks in a huge windstorm then it is possible to quickly fix and start gardening that season. With no delay. 

So, with easy fixes possible, then there is no reason the WeedFreeGarden can't last an actual lifetime. Producing food for your family for many decades. And especially in emergencies "when it counts."

Low Setup Time: The initial setup takes less than an hour. Also included in the package is online video setup instructions. So you can watch someone put it together visually. The tower system is lightweight (<50lbs) and 1- person moveable.

Plant and Health Questions

These growboxes can handle just about any type and size of plant you can imagine. (except trees, of course)

However, the size of the full grown plant will determine how many plants you can put into a growbox. 

For example, you obviously wouldn't want to put 10 tomato plants that will grow as tall as you are, in one growbox. You'll want to spread those out. For extra large plants (8ft-15ft), like pumpkin, squash, you can take the growboxes and put them right on the ground. Just put 1-3 plants per growbox for something really huge. 

These growboxes are flexible. For small plants like spring onions and lettaces, use all 10 spaces in a growbox. But, for larger plants, skip some spaces and allow the big plant to use more water and have more space. Easy.

We use special plant food and fertilizers. We recommend the normal stuff. But, then we augment with lots more. We tell you where to get these special plant foods after the ordering process.

Yes, they sure can. Say you purchased some peppers at the local big box store. You would simply (and gently) clean off the dirt from the roots, then put the plant and roots in a cloning collar and into a 2" net cup. 

Sometimes store-bought plants have a little shock at first after transplanting. However, with the water and nutrient solution in the growbox, they will quickly perk back up. Watch out for too much sunshine. Shade is better in the hot Summer

Troubleshooting Tips

Don't allow the water to go empty. This is why we recommend a twice a week check on the water levels. And a full fillup once per week.

But don't worry. It happens to all of us once in a while. The plants usually survive just fine. But, their growth will be stunted a little.

In the cooler Spring and Fall months, full sun is helpful. 

In the hot Summer months, full shade and just early morning sun is helpful. 

It is best to place the WeedFreeGarden in shade in the hot months, during the prime growing season. Plants love the shade. Full shade, under a tree. North side of the house. North side of a solid fence. Or use a shade cover. Look to your grass. If grass loves to grow there extra thick, the garden can grow there too.

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