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How to Get Your Premium Downspout Garden With
78.4% Less Work and NO MORE WEEDING - Ever!

Kratky Method as seen on YouTube Channel "Keep On Growin' " with Mike VanDuzee. Downspout Gardens Are the Perfect Solution

Obtain the Whole Uninterrupted Uncensored Liberated Interview Here

How We Turned Downspouts into a 3000 Plant Garden that Fed The Whole Family of Six (2 Adults and 4 "Big Eating" Teenagers)

See the Progression of Strawberry Plants Over Just 6 Weeks

(These were grown over the hottest July on record in 2022 - The constant water in the growboxes saved the strawberry harvest. Done-4-You Downspout Gardens can do it. Even in extreme heat in the desert)

See the Progression of "Tom Thumb" Lettuce Plants Over The Same 6 Weeks

(Grown in the shade under a tree during the hottest July on record in 2022. The shade is not a normal place to be able to grow a garden. But, now you can.


Harvest Like "This" Every 5-8 Days During The Growing Season on Just 100 Plants

(All in Just 15 Mins Per Week...With No Weeding and 93.5% Less Water. Imagine If You Had 2-3 of These WeedFreeGardens on Staggered Planting Schedules!)

Time Efficient

Maximum of 15 minutes/week in maintenance - mostly water filling. Easy

Very Efficient in Water Use

8 gallons/week for 100 plants
(Great For preparation gardening
during hard times - Even in the desert)

No More Weeding

No more weeds to pull before Spring planting
AND no weeding during the year. EVER.

See What Families are Raving About...
...The WeedFreeGarden: Fresh Food, Lifestyle, High Nutrition and Low Work...Just Add Water and Nutrients.

Delivered to Your Kitchen Table for Your Children to Experience
Each Day and Week!

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