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Introducing...The WeedFreeGarden Growboxes

  • 2 Sizes of gardens available (50 plants, 100 plants)
  • No dirt needed
  • No weeding ever
  • Rugged outdoor design
  • Food production in 3 seasons (4 seasons using a greenhouse or indoors next to a window)
  • Can grow just about any plant size. (smaller and medium sized plants will maximize the growing spaces, of course)
  • Nutrient dense food production (we'll show you how)
  • Garden while standing up
  • Patent pending design means well engineered quality
  • Super healthy plants means the pests generally leave them alone. (low pest problems)

IMAGINE Your Gardening Potential...

Great Garden for Renters

The small space of 3x4 feet makes it great for a balcony and for a small yard. PLUS, its portable. Take your garden with you.

Low Setup Time

The initial setup takes less than an hour. Also included in the package is online video setup instructions. So you can watch someone put it together visually. The tower system is lightweight (<50lbs) and 1- person moveable.

Great For a Greenhouse

The WeedFreeGarden is great for a greenhouse where space is limited.

You Will Enjoy Gardening More

With most of the work and weeding gone, you will enjoy gardening more.

*VERY Space Efficient

10.9 - 20.8 plants/square foot.

What would happen if you had a few of these towers in your current gardening location? Or maybe in a location that isn't used as garden space right now; like along a fenceline.

Low Work Time

Maximum of 15 minutes/week in maintenance - mostly water filling. Easy

Low Water Use

8 gallons/week for 100 plants
(Great For preparation gardening
during hard times - Even in the desert)

No Weeding Ever

No more weeds to pull before Spring planting
AND no weeding during the year. EVER.

Portable Garden Design

Easy to Maintain Grow Boxes

No Dig - Easy Planting While Standing

Just Add Water and Nutrients

Vertical Growing Masterpiece


Get Your WeedFreeGardens With Free Shipping
in Less Than a Few Days*

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Get the WeedFreeGarden 50 Model

Just $295 for One Garden Tower 50 Model

- 50 plants/tower
- $5.90/planting spot
- 5.7 sq feet
- 7.8 plants/sq foot
- ave 4 gallons water/week

2 towers or more, get Free Shipping to Your Door.

*We now ship FREE all over the Continental United States, if you order 2 or more

Get the WeedFreeGarden 100 Model

Just $395 for One Garden Tower 100 Model

- 100 plants/tower
- $3.95/planting spot
- 5.7 sq feet
- 17.3 plants/sq foot
- ave 8 gallons water/week

2 towers or more, get Free Shipping to Your Door.

*We now ship FREE all over the Continental United States, if you order 2 or more

NOTE: If you would like to grow huge numbers of BULK plants, see the Bulk Growing Page. (Here)

30 Day - No Questions Asked Guarantee

You are going to love this guarantee. It is the best type of guarantee. 

If you would like to return your WeedFreeGarden for any

     - your significant-other doesn't like vegetables.

     - your kids or grandkids use the growboxes for Starwars lightsabers

     - your dog likes the vegetables so much they are slobbering all over the growboxes

(For any reason)...simply return the WeedFreeGarden in good working order for up to 30 days from the purchase date and receive a full refund back to your original credit card (minus initial shipping cost). Easy as that. 

ALSO, if a part of the tower or growbox arrives "broken in the mail", just take a picture of it and we'll ship you a new part. Or provide a fix for you.

There is no risk to you at all. Just good nutritious food for (about) a lifetime. 

Purchase one or two today. You will love them and will probably want more to grow a bigger garden.

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